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Business Divorce

When co-owners of a privately held business find that they can no longer work together and cannot agree on how to terminate their business, they may pursue business divorce litigation.  


Schillinger & Finsterwald has represented business divorce clients in a range of industries including real estate, wholesale and retail operations, service companies, and construction.  Our business litigators are equipped to handle business divorce matters requiring a detailed knowledge of the law governing the operations of private companies.  


Business divorce may involve significant emotional tension.  At Schillinger & Finsterwald, relationships and communications are of the utmost importance and we put a premium on understanding the unique needs of every client.  


We have the experience and the resources to help clients navigate business dissolution in a manner that maximizes the client’s personal and financial objectives.  Our decades of litigation practice include numerous corporate dissolution proceedings, LLC (limited liability company) dissolution proceedings, and partnership dissolutions.  


At Schillinger & Finsterwald, we recognize that the expense of litigation between business owners requires careful attention and is a major factor in fashioning the best approach to each and every case.  We are always cognizant of the relationship between the potential costs of pursuing a dissolution or business divorce and the business objectives of our client.  There are cases in which the most cost-effective solution may be obtained by proceeding in mediation or arbitration.  


Our goal is always to bring our client out of a destructive relationship and into a new and profitable chapter of his or her business life.  If a conflict can be resolved without dissolution we help our business clients to continue their existing business.  When necessary, we are always prepared to pursue business divorce proceedings in court.